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  • Dr. John Warnock - BHSc MChiro

    Dr John Warnock

    Welcome, my name is Dr. John Warnock, and I have been correcting spinal andpostural misalignments and helping people lead healthier, more energetic lives, since 1990. The greatest reward for me is the many referrals that I receive from many happy satisfied patients.

    I discovered chiropractic when I was just 19. I had hurt my back from a combination of impacts as a child and repetitive lifting and twisting whilst working. Like most people I thought it would goaway, but after 12 months it didn’t. I sought numerous forms of treatment but nothing worked. I finally went to the Chiropractor as a last resort, because by now I had radiating pain down my leg with chronic persisting pain. After two weeks oftreatment my pain had literally gone away, I had greater flexibility, more energy and I felt better overall.

    As a child I was known as “the sickly child”, I suffered from headaches, stomach upsets, allergies, palpitations, plus numerous bad flu’s and chest infections every year. Not to mention all the anti-biotics and medications I was on. Most of these health problems continued throughout my teenage years, which brings me to my Chiropractic adjustments. Within the first month of being adjusted I noticed less headaches, palpitations, stomach upsets, fewer allergies and less colds and flu’s.

    My daughter was initially adjusted when she was just two days old and has been adjusted on a regular basis throughout her life and because of this she has great posture, abundant energy and had little to none of the health issues that most children have to endure. This is because all the nerves from the spine are connected to all the cells and organs of the body and if your spine is out of alignment then this may choke off nerve energy to your organs resulting in poor health.

    This is why I believe every child should be checked for spinal/postural mis-alignments or subluxations from an early age so that they can reach and maintain their optimal health potential in life. My ideal practice is one full of families from the newborn to grandma and grandpa. You see, it is never too late or too early to start Chiropractic care.

    Outside of work I love getting out and enjoying life with friends and family. I amvery active and enjoy running, swimming, cycling, mountain biking, surfing,snowboarding. My brother and I often participate in mountain biking and cycling endurance races.

    People often ask me how often I get adjusted. Because of all the physical stressesand strains on my body from work, sports and impacts over the years I have anadjustment every two weeks. I also eat well, take essential dietary supplements andtake time out for rest and relaxation. This is a simple, but effective, means tomaintain optimal health.

    It’s all about making informed health choices for you and your family, to stay fit,healthy and active for your whole life through natural chiropractic care. Being healthyis your biggest asset. Without health you cannot live or enjoy the life you deserve.

    I specialise in finding and correcting spinal and postural misalignments using thelatest, most beneficial, up to date techniques and technology’s that help get to thereal cause of your problem, plus get you well faster. I use gentle, safe and effective corrective adjusting techniques along with simple corrective exercises and stretchesfor optimal long lasting results. I also incorporate nutritional/supplementation for detoxing/weight-loss and anti-ageing.

  • Dr Hance Limboro - BHSc MChiro

    Dr Hance Limbor

    Dr Hance Limboro acquired a Master of Chiropractic (Macquarie University) Bachelor of Science (The University of Queensland) and his a member of World Chiropractic Alliance (Australia).   He managed a wellness clinic in Sydney, Australia for 15 years; adjusting babies, adults, the elderlies & Olympic athletes.

    Hance is excellent  proficiency in a variety of techniques including Diversified, Advance Biostructural Correction, Chiropractic BioPhysics, and Korean Specific technique.

    Dr Hance Limboro also donates his chiropractic skills as a volunteer for non profit organisations and regularly raises funds for the Australia Spinal Research Foundation.

    He has also been invited to be a guest Speaker at NSW Parliament House, Woolworths and Canterbury Hospital to educate on Health & Wellness.

    On his time off, Hance personal interest areMartial Arts, Weight Lifting, Chess, Swimming, and Property Investing.

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